Field Services

FieldService1Flint is an environmental services company, classified as a small business based on SBA guidelines, with a history of providing top notch specialty field services. Our award winning field service division, constructs large sheets of high strength woven fabric (sometimes acres in area) to reinforce sludge lagoon caps. This method of reinforcement can sometimes be done at a fraction of the cost of the traditional method of solidification in place.

Our field services division also uses our high strength seaming techniques to seam high strength woven geotextile (HSWG) for levee reinforcement or reinforcement of soft soils under roads.

FieldService2Flint can also furnish and panelize reactive core mats for subaqueous capping of contaminated materials. By targeting the particular contaminants in the sediment, this methodology reduces the required thickness of cap needed to safely contain the pollutants.

Marine mattress field filling is also among Flint’s field services. We can draw on our years of experience to complete the filling operation so the general contractor can focus on the mattress placement.

Flint also performs salt tolerant planting for marsh and dune restoration. We have worked for state and local agencies to help Mother Nature in the process of erosion resistance and habitat establishment.