Featured Projects

featured-1Ft. Pierce Marina Hurricane Protection Project –
City of Ft. Pierce

Flint manufactured the geotextile tubes as well as coastal geotextile bags that formed the perimeter and groins of this artificial island.  While it is designed to protect the marina against a 100 year storm event, the project also provided acres of habitat for mangroves, shorebirds oysters and other species. This project won the 2013 IFAI Award of Excellence.

featured-2Bird Island Cove Marsh Restoration – Texas GLO

Flint’s TITANTube® geotextile tubes were used to form breakwaters to protect 114 acres of coastal wetlands.  In addition this project included the restoration of 70 acres of estuarine marsh complex. (photo from the HDR Engineering)

featured-3Savanna Street Wastewater Treatment Plant  – City of Jackson, Mississippi

TITANTube® high flow rate dewatering tubes were used to contain and dewater approximately 92,000 dry tons of dredged solids. This is believed to be the largest municipal biosolids dredging project to use geotextile tubes for dewatering.  By stacking the tubes up to 4 tiers high, the sediment was dewatered in 2 dewatering cells.  It is estimated that this approach saved the city over $3 million in future solids handling costs due to the decreased volume of material to be hauled.

featured-4Sludge Cap Reinforcement- Coronet Industries

Flint furnished and field seamed 45 acres of Flintex™ OS400 high strength woven geotextile.  Flint’s proven method of seaming and preparation procedures allowed the general contractor to safely reinforce the sludge (which had very low vane shear) so that it could be safely covered for the final cap.  Flint was awarded the 2007 IFAI Outstanding Achievement Award for this project