About Us

AboutUsFlint Industries, a solution driven company, is a Small Business under SBA Guidelines, offering unbeatable products and technical support. Since its founding in 1995, Flint has designed, manufactured and installed a range of high end geosynthetic products to address such varied environmental needs as weak soil reinforcement, coastal erosion protection, dredged material management and beneficial use, wastewater solids dewatering, and turbidity control. Today our staff continues to seek new innovative solutions for ever arising environmental problems while continuing to improve upon our existing industry leading products and services.

Flint’s mission is to be the preferred supplier to owners, contractors and engineers by listening to our customers’ needs and offering solutions with superior products, superior engineering and superior support.

What our clients are saying about us!

I’m really pleased and impressed by what I’ve seen with your dewatering bags this year.  I worked with different bag suppliers in the past and I can tell how your bags are easier to work with and really efficient at getting the water draining out of the bags.  Some of my guys did work with other bags and they told the same thing…  “Those bags are a lot easier to manage compared to the ones we worked with previously”.  By the way I also appreciate your support and the efficiency of your team.  You offer us a great service.