Flint has 2 decades of experience designing and manufacturing geotextile tubes, coastal bags and other geosynthetic products. We are established as a world class supplier in the markets that we serve and are nimble in our ability to respond to the needs of our clients. Our uniquely trained engineers work with project owners, their contractors and engineers to develop innovative, project specific solutions.


TITANTube® geotextile tubes are large tubes (ranging from dumpster size to 120′ circumference or larger) used for coastal protection, containment and sludge/sediment dewatering. Flint’s TITANTube® design maximizes operational strength, UV stability, and interface friction. Our TITANTube® dewatering tubes have the highest water flow rate available to maximize the overall efficiency of the dredging and dewatering operation.


TITANBags® are large engineered coastal sand colored, highly UV resistant sandbags designed to blend in with the environment while they protect structures which are often in critical need of protection  against coastal erosion. Their attractive and functional self-sealing ports allow swift, precise installation in place.


TITANLiner™  is used to filter water from waste which is mechanically placed in a roll-off dumpster. TITANLiner™ is available in 20 cy and 30 cy sizes and Flint can make a custom size to meet your needs. This is an efficient way to reduce the need for liquid waste hauling and disposal.


Because scour protection is essential to the success of any installation of geotextile tubes for coastal protection, Flint manufactures TITAN ASA™ anti-scour aprons to custom widths and lengths and with integral anchor tubes as determined by the specific project needs.


TITAN ELB™ Emergency Lift Bags are designed with lifting loops around the top perimeter for lifting with a frame. This design is ideal for coffer dams and other temporary structures.  We feature different port designs so the bags can be made for either mechanical or hydraulic filling.


Flint’s award winning TITANBoom™, patent pending, is specially designed for high energy installations. This unique product offers full contact with the bottom of the water column thereby providing complete protection of sub aquatic vegetation with minimal contact area.

flintex 2 cropped Flintex

The Flintex series of high-strength woven polypropylene geotextiles (HSWG) offer impressive bi-directional tensile strengths and are woven in a rip-resistant weave pattern that minimizes vandalism and mechanical damage.  These geotextiles are manufactured with innovative reinforced selvages to permit significantly higher sewn seam strength.