What our dewatering customers are saying about us:

 “Flint has always exceeded our expectations to provide product in a timely manner. We would like to give a big shout out to their sales reps for their professionalism and knowledge to provide solutions to our problems” –Dredging contractor, USA

“We went to a jobsite that had other geotextile tubes which the client needed us to pump, but there was additional space and more material to pump & dewater, so we used one of our TITANTubes®. Now the client wants only TITANTubes®.” – Environmental dredger, Canada

” My client had based their environmental permit on the TITANTube’s® superior performance and have not been disappointed. The tubes have proven themselves to be very tough with excellent dewatering properties. This project has been developed and sustained, for nearly ten years, thru the superior sales and technical support given by Flint Industries.” – Environmental products distributor, USA

“The support, service, and quality products that you receive from Flint are second to none. They make sure to help address your onsite problems, while helping to eliminate issues on the front end by properly designing your geotextile tube system. We always enjoy working with Flint Industries and will continue to do so in the future” – Dredging contractor, USA

While the structural integrity and resultant margin of safety afforded by TITAN tubes® is a paramount factor in our choosing to use this product exclusively, the superior performance of this product is also critical to our purchasing decisions. Relative to competing geotextile products we’ve used, the high flow rates that we’ve documented in using TITANTube® OS425 geotextile fabric has contributed to shorter dewatering times and resultant larger margins of profit on each of our projects.” Water treatment professional, USA

What our coastal protection customers are saying about us:

“During the installation, Flint offered innovative solutions for necessary field adjustments such as providing technical assistance in estimating the shape of the final cross-sections, determining approximate sand volume needs of individual project sections, recommendng the approximate length of sections which could reasonably be filled each day, providing conceptual drawing, figuring appropriate fill port spacing and visiting the jobsite to investigate and address site specific conditions” – Coastal engineer, USA

“In 2007, we started buying TITANTubes (geotextile tubes) produced by Flint Industries. We quickly discovered that the physical properties of their tubes are greatly superior, the workmanship incorporated into the tubes is much better and the engineering support is exceptional. Their 24/7 engineering support during installation provides the contractor a level of support that is without equal.” Coastal protection geotextile tube installer/commercial dive professional – USA

Note: Quotations are paraphrased to maintain anonymity and comply with trademark registrations.